USD or Canadian currency?


It's been almost a year since I've had this website with not much action and my friends have asked me why I chose to have it in US currency, and because of this they won't buy from the site. The answer is..... to have buyable Pins which can only be done in US funds...a special arrangement between Shopify and Pinterest.  Although promised for years it is still not available for other currencies which would have been nice for us Canadians.  I'd prefer to have the website in Canadian funds because of our terrible exchange rate.  Think 38% by the time it goes thru the credit card.  (thanks to you know who, the unmentionable one, who took down Nafta and screwed a whole lot of people).

I like Pinterest and have created quite a few boards.  It took me months to figure it all out.  First you have to create a Pinterest business account.  Keep posting your products and eventually they start to circulate and get likes.  My pins weren't buyable because I didn't "claim my website."  I didn't know how to do it until I came across an article that gave exact instructions on how to insert the HTML code in the Liquid pages.  Why do they assume one should know this?  So, I guess I have buyable Pins now, not that anyone has bought anything yet.  Why is it so troublesome to do one more click to a website cart page anyways?

I'm back to give this ecommerce thing a serious go. I've been concentrating on other shops like Etsy and Society6 and one thing I've learned is you have to have a lot of products and designs, keep on making posts and you will be seen more.  I lack friends and followers...and don't know how to get more.  Should I start a FB group? Instagram not really working for me either.  Do I have to do Google shopping or Amazon?  Why doesn't anybody like my stuff enough to buy???  Sales are good elsewhere like at local markets and shows so what gives? 

Tired of making social media posts all day long too and seeing these marketing gurus on FB who claim to make millions selling leggings or cheap Chinese crap. I don't believe them, they are just trying to sell a system or a course.  If I was an ecomm millionaire I can tell you I would not be doing that!

UPDATE:  I have signed up for a course in e-commerce and marketing and everything I have said previously is wrong!  Preconceived notions and not having a plan and not knowing how to do it.  I'm changing my mind to change my life.  



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