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blue snail fractal by amanda martinson

Hello Everyone!  I'm Amanda Martinson and have been a professional artist since 1988.  I've adopted a new name -- Amanda "Fibonacci" as my jewelry nom-de-plume. It sounds like a cool Italian designer name but more importantly I love what the spiral represents.  From the Milky Way galaxy to the Lightning Whelk, the fibonacci sequence is life -- an ever evolving upward, outward spiral  building on the previous.

My home since 1990 is on Texada Island, British Columbia, Canada, shared with my husband Michael and currently, one pet cat, a quirky tortie, Cleo.  Our house is filled with all manner of natural object d'art, shells, feathers, crystals, driftwood, bones, rocks, sculptures, paintings...It has been called a "wizard's" house but really is a studio with niches of projects on the go.

Me at the McMichaelI am known mainly for my landscape paintings and have been a gallery artist with a career highlight of taking part in a group show at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.  Not only paintings, but to make art of anything I can get my hands on.....a life of art.....the art of life.


 As an avid rockhound and having an abundance of colourful marbles here on Texada, I tried my hand at sculpture having mentorship from some resident sculptors.  My interest turned to lapidary to make cabochons and I learned basic silversmithing along the way.  When silver hit $40/oz I switched to "beading."  

Purple sculptural beadwork earrings Turns out buying and collecting beads has become way more expensive, but I like it!  I like the versatility and love the combinations of stone cabs and bead embroidery.  The making of jewelry expanded to include fabric elements set in lace-edge bezels -- evolution in action.!Flowerstone and chain maille bracelet by Amanda Martinson

I also love science, math, patterns, origami, graphic design and fractals.  I knew about fractals long before computer technology was good enough to solve the equations into the fantastic images we can make today, although the concept of imtropical octopus fractal pattern flare dressaginary numbers still mystifies me. 



  Print-on-demand service for artists has opened up a whole new universe for artists.  Giclee prints of paintings have evolved to giclee printing on stuff.  I think it's great, giving people a different way to collect art instead of the mass produced consensus schlock in the big box stores.  I'm having a lot of fun with this and want you to have fun too and find your unique stamp on the world.  My fractal pattern flare dresses paired up with my jewelry items create a very unique look that's fun and colourful.

It's not just stuff - it's ART!  Be different, be a Fibonacci girl (woman, man?) ever evolving upward, outward. navy blue or beige here!

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