Shipping is not from China alone, products could come from anywhere really.  So here's the deal, items are shipped by ePacket or courier (very expensive).  ePacket has tracking and low cost.  Please use this chart to estimate delivery times:

The perceived relatively long shipping time is not so long really.  It is unfair to compare it to Amazon because outside of Amazon, shipping can take just as long with normal postal service. I want to tell you something else too, a lot of the AliExpress and AliBaba vendors are doing a kind of drop-shipping thing too as most are not the actual place of manufacturing and there is a delay time (fulfillment time) as they have to order or restock from the factory.  If you think China waiting time is bad, try ordering something from India!  It is unrealistic to expect fast shipping times from places on the other "side" of the world.  If products are shipped by container boat it will take minimum 60 days!  So get products you can't find in stores at very low prices for a bit more delivery time and don't worry about it!

Ordering timetable:  it is recommended (by me) that if you are ordering something for a gift (like a birthday) or holiday (like Christmas), do it 6 weeks before you need it. Just plan ahead and you won't be crying.  

It\s just like sending parcels to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, etc from the USA or Canada - post office always recommends at least 30 days ahead of time it is needed.  Christmas is 6 weeks ahead. 

So, there is no escaping the long shipping times either way, coming or going. 

From your confirmation email for products you can cancel or request a refund. 

However, this does not apply to "print on demand" products which are "custom art".



I am hooked up with print on demand "production partners" for all other products except my jewelry items.  When you order one of these items the order is sent directly to them, manufactured by them, and shipped by them (drop shipping).  They handle everything including returns.  This is great for artists.  However, the artist receives a SMALL percentage of the retail price and one's hope is that a design will become very popular or go viral.  Some products the artist can choose the price.

The print-on-demand shops I use have very good quality products! and reasonable prices.

Allow a week for processing time! and allow 7 to 14 days for the shipping.  All in all if you don't get the item in 30 days it's been lost or stolen, therefore you should request a refund.

TRACKING NUMBERS from couriers, don't continue past the Canadian border unless it is sent by USPS, at least that's the way it is with DHL courier.  Canada Post does track all the way to its destination and that's what I use and because i have an account and they promise the best price.  5 to 7 days delivery.  Small items are shipped in an envelope without tracking.

JEWELRY:  Made and shipped by me from BC, Canada. 

Small items shipped in a padded envelope, larger items will be boxed and shipped by expedited, tracked parcel. 

Other options available but will be more expensive. 

I ship within 1-3 business days.  Small envelopes delivery to USA is 5 to 7 days.  Expedited parcel orders in continental North America should arrive within 10 - 14 days, maybe a bit longer depending on your local postal service.  Allow one month for overseas.  Within Canada it should be 7 - 10 days the most!



Returns and/or refunds are allowed ONLY if there is a manufacturing defect wherein the product should be photographed right away for documentation and disputes.  Same for DAMAGE IN SHIPPING.  

I take great care to make sure the item is wearable and durable, therefore there should be no defects.  However, sometimes during normal wear and tear, a jump ring or link may slip off.  Please try to make a minor "repair" yourself.  Otherwise for something major, please email me and we'll figure something out before giving a bad rating.


You will be asked by your payment provider why you are doing this so it's important to have stuff documented.