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Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottle

$12.99 USD

  • Description

How cool is this?  Easily fills by pumping the  nozzel that you place over your regular spray bottle of perfume (cap off).  It works by volume displacement of air.  Press down and voila, the 5ml sprayer starts to fill.  Works just like a bicycle tire pump.  Check the size of your perfume sprayer line by seeing the "warm tips".  Has a very fine mist and up to 65 spritzes.

This 5ml mini perfume spray bottle is perfect for travelling when you don't want to store your expensive cologne or perfume in luggage with the potential to leak or in your purse where it might not meet the 100ml max for containers on planes.  Lightweight for purse as the outer part is aluminum.

Men can use this for their aftershave.

What a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.  RIGHT NOW GET FREE SHIPPING

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.


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